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How to set up Australia Post Calculator for your shop

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016 11:16PM PDT
Once you have the application installed to your store, fill out all the settings in the preference page.
In order to calculate shipping rate, you need to enter the origin of where the item is shipped from,
the size of the container you ship with, etc.

We now require your store to have this feature Shopify Real-time carrier shipping enabled so that you do not have to modify the theme file. If you have the feature Real-time carrier shipping, select the carrier Australia Post (with Shopify Real-time carrier shipping). You are done and there is no need to follow the instruction below.

The instruction is kept for our legacy customers.

Next you would need to modify your theme. Remember to back up your theme before making changes. You can download the entire theme as a ZIP file and store it in a secure location. Refer to instruction from Shopify on how to download a theme.

If you have a regular theme and a mobile theme, you would need to do the follow steps twice.

If you are not sure what you are doing and need some help, please email the theme to and state your store URL in the email. See instruction here on how to download theme.

1. Theme file assets/checkout.css.liquid

Add the following to the bottom of assets/checkout.css.liquid. If the style is already present, continue to next step.

#overview #thumbs h3[title^="Shipping"] + span {
display: none;

#payment {
display: none;

2.Theme file layout/theme.liquid.

a. Wherever you find {{ cart.item_count }} in the layout/theme.liquid file and template/cart.liquid files, replace it with: {% include 'webify-shipping-items-hidden-price' %}

3. Theme file template/cart.liquid
a Add the following code after the cart form near the bottom of the file. This adds the calculator to the bottom of the cart page.
Look for </form> and add the following line
{% include 'webify-request-shipping-form' %}
before </form> .

b. Look for lines like this <tr class="{% cycle “odd”, “even” } “>
and replace with this

<tr class="{% cycle 'odd', 'even' %} item {% if item.title == 'Shipping' %}shipping{% endif %}">

c. Add class="cart-total-price" to total price container in cart, look for {{ cart.total_price | money }}
replace with
<span class="cart-total-price">{{ cart.total_price | money }}</span>

d. Sometimes, you might have <div>{{ cart.total_price | money }}</div> in your file, replace it with
<div class="cart-total-price">{{ cart.total_price | money }}</div>

e. If you have a quantify field that allows users to update the quantity ensure it is using something like this
 <input type="text" size="4" name="updates[{{ }}]" id="updates_{{ }}" value="{{ item.quantity }}" onfocus=";"/>
name="updates[{{ }}]" must contain {{}} and not be "name="updates[]"

4. This is it. Now try to check out an item in your store and you should see the calculator at the bottom of the page. If you are dealing with a live store and things do not work out, you can disable the calculator by removing this line
{% include 'webify-request-shipping-form' %}  from cart.liquid and contact us for support.  You should also reverse the changes made in checkout.css in step 1 if you are uninstalling.

5. Go through all the products in your store and make sure there is a weight entered for each variant. The calculator needs a weight to obtain a proper quote from Australia Post. If no weight is entered, a shipping cost of zero is returned which means your custom can buy the product with free shipping.

6. Because the calculator adds a shipping line to the cart so there is no need for the shipping rates as specified in Shopify. You can go to Preference and then Shipping to disable the rate in Shopify Admin page.  In order for Shopify checkout validation to function correctly, it is required to keep one rate remaining and have the rate set to zero. So set up a rule to have orders weighting between 0 and 99999kg to have a shipping rate of zero. Do no worry, doing this will not cause shipping to be free as the calculator will add shipping charge on the fly at the cart page. Remove all other rates you have entered. It is best to save a copy of the rates you have entered before removing them.

7. A new product called Shipping is added to your product list. This is required for the calculator to function correctly. Please do not hide it or delete the product. If the product appears in your regular catalog, contact us and we can help you to hide it.  You can also add an image to the product Shipping because it will appears in the checkout page. Suggest you add the Australia Post logo here
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