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Import and export metafields from/to CSV for Shopify

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 02:10PM PST


Metafields is a native feature in Shopify. It is comparable to custom fields in other applications. You can store extra information about your products, variants, customers, collections, orders, blogs and shop. If you are reading this document and you are a store owner. Please note that this is intended to be used by Shopify designers and developers to extend features of Shopify. Unless you have some knowledge of the templating system used by Shopify, metafields would not be something you have to create by yourselves. It is best to speak to a Shopify developer or designer about it.

We offer two apps for metafields.

Metafield Editor is a free application. Bulk import/exporting metafields through csv files is available using a credit system. You only pay for records imported or exported

You can sign up for the Metafields Editor by going to here

Metafields Pro is a Shopify application that is a monthly paid version of the free Metafields Editor that allows you to import and export metafields from comma separated values (csv) files.

You can sign up for the Metafields Pro by going to here

Import Metafields

File formats

There are 4 import file formats you can choose from. File must be in csv format. (not in Excel xls format). You can easily export xls file into CSV from MS Excel.

Remember value_type can either be string or integer which are the only 2 values allowed.

In order to process large metafields properly, the app does the import in the background. When you start an import, you are required to provide an email address which we will send the final status of an import to. The status email will list all the rows in your csv file and the status of each row (Either success or failure). If you do not receive an email from the app, you can also check the status from within the app and download the log from the app.


New Since Sep 2018

By Resource Id:
This allows you to put one metafield per line for any resources in Shopify that supports metafields. You would need to know the id of the resources in order to import. The resources supported are products, variants, smart collections, custom_collections, pages, blogs, orders and customers.

A sample format is included below. Download a sample file here

The possible values for owner_resource column is product,customer,smart_collection,custom_collection,variant,page,blog,order

owner_resource owner_id namespace key value_type value
product 342 location bin string 232
customer 333 customer_region region string north

Product by handle:

This is for product metafields. You can use the product handle( Shopify field) as the identifier to locate products to add/modify the metafields for. Download a sample file here

A sample format is included below

product_handle namespace key value_type value
xxx my_store 21.33 string cars

Variant Sku:
This allows you to put one metafield per line and variants are identified used the sku number in Shopify.
A sample format is included below. Download a sample file here

variant_sku namespace key value_type value
2FH36 my_store 21.33 string cars

Variant Multi-key:
This format allows you to import multiple metafields in one line where all the metafields will have the same namespace.
Select import type as Variant Multi-key and enter the name space to use for all metafields.

A sample format is included below. Download sample file here
sku namespace product_cost product_supplier_price product_type
9812 my_shop 231.33 200.23 regular
In this example, product_cost, product _supplier_price, product_type are metafields for the variant identified by Sku number 9812. They will all have the common namespace my_shop.

Export Metafields

Click on CSV import/export at top menu and choose Metafields Export.
Click on start a new metafields export and select if you want to export metafields for product, variants, customer, smart collection, custom collection, pages, blogs or orders. Click on start export to complete the process. Depending on the number of metafields, the export time varies. The export result will be emailed to you. You can also download the exported file from the export listing page.
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