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What is Metafields for Shopify?

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2013 09:46PM PST
Metafields is a native feature in Shopify. It is comparable to custom fields in other applications. You can store extra information about your products, variants, collections, orders, blogs and shop. If you are reading this document and you are a store owner. Please note that this is intended to be used by Shopify designers and developers to extend features of Shopify. Unless you have some knowledge of the templating system used by Shopify, metafields would not be something you have to create by yourselves. It is best to speak to a developer or designer about it.
So you have been warned.

Each metafield has following attributes:

  • namespace: This is a technical term but it basically means a unique category name for your values. You can make it unique. For example, if you want to add more descriptions to your products. You can call the name space extra-description. It is better not to use space in any of the attributes.
  • key: Describe what kind of information the value attribute is store.
  • value: The actual value you are storing.
  • value_type: Can be either string or interger. If you are storing text information in the value field, select string. If you are storing numbers in the value field, select integer.
Unfortunately, Shopify did not provide a UI to edit metafields assuming only developers or designers would need to use metafields. We have ran into cases when clients would need to use metafields to enter data in shops that designers or developers created that utilizes metafields. Webify has created an application metafields editor. You can install it from Shopify appstore by visiting
Once you have installed the application, you can use it to find products and variants. You can then add metafields to either products or variants using the UI.

After you have created metafields, you would often use it in shopify template files to display such information.

If you’ve added to a product a metafield with the following attributes to store extra description for your products.

  • namespace: product
  • key: extra-description
  • value: This is extra description for my products
  • value_type: string

You can output the value of this metafield in product.liquid with this Liquid tag:


For official information on the feature from Shopify. see
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